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Progressing on Holt Home

      The Indiana National Guard JAGS have announced they will work with the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. to make the historical facility a national meeting place for the Judge Advocate General corps.

     Roger Wilson, legal administrator for the Indiana guard’s 38th Division, made the announcement recently after the guard’s onsite training program at the Holt Home March 5.  Fort Knox apparently will assist with that effort.

     Since 2011, the work of making the Breckinridge County structure a national meeting place has been in progress.   Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. have led that project and continue efforts to preserve and protect the structure.

     With the beginning of the spring season, many improvements have been made.  Historic sidewalks have been uncovered, all front windows restored along with the pediments above them.  With a grant, the Friends group has installed a security system for the home and cleaned the fence rows and grounds.   Recently, permission was received to utilize the Save America’s Treasures Grant ($150,000 grant, 50-50 match) for restoration on the back of the home.  This will be accomplished during the summer.

     In addition, a concrete wall around the front porch (not original) has been removed. The Friends also have installed new picnic tables and a fence has been removed for restoration.

     A consultant, Kim Nyberg, has been employed to develop a site use plan for the home.  That activity has been funded  by a grant from the National Trust of Historic Preservation.

     The Holt Home received a $500,000 Transportation Enhancement Grant for Phase II renovation from Kentucky and with assistance from Gov. Stephen Beshear’s administration and a $199,000 Tax credit (same as cash) from the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office.  Work is expected to begin in 2017.

     Two  Breckinridge County elementary schools visited for a living history day April 12, and Friends President Susan Dyer was the key speaker for the Jefferson County (Ind.) Civil War Round Table Gordon Whitney Memorial Dinner May 13.   A second wedding has been schedule at the Holt Home and will be conducted June 4.

     Also, Mrs. Dyer is continuing to work on  “The New Jewel in Kentucky’s Civil War Crown,” a follow-up book on how the Holt Home has been saved.

     The  8th Annual Holt Home Community Day is scheduled Sept. 24. The keynote speaker is David L. Morgan, former executive director at the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office.  Morgan now serves as a resource agent for the Holt Home.


Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear plays key role
in providing transportation enhancement grants

Thanks to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, restoration of the Joseph Holt Home is now within reach.

    A $500,000 Transportation Enhancement grant was received at the 7th Annual Holt Home Community Day September 26, 2015.  That, in addition to a similar $500,000 grant presented in 2011, provides funds required for restoring the circa 1850 mansion to its original antebellum status.

    The Breckinridge County Fiscal Court and the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc., are most appreciative of the Governor and his role in making the financial gifts possible.  Leaders of the two Breckinridge organizations point out that the grants will be instrumental in providing the historic facility for local, state and national uses.

   Gov. Beshear toured the Holt Home in 2011.

   Restoration of Phase 1 for the historic Judge Joseph Holt Home began with Lanham Brothers of Owensboro in 2014 with the $500,000 Transportation Enhancement Grant awarded in September of 2011. The Breckinridge County Fiscal Court entered into agreement with GRW of Lexington, KY.

   Breckinridge County Fiscal Court approved and applied for a Transportation Enhancement Grant for Phase II in 2012.  The Phase II Transportation Enhancement grant of $500,000.00 received on September 26, 2015 had been pending since 2012.  The County was awarded a $150,000 Save America’s Treasures grant and has recently been matched. A $20,000 grant was awarded to the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. from the Brown-Forman Corporation in 2013.  And in 2015 the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. won a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This project of a site use plan for the Holt Home has been funded in part by a grant from the Kentucky Board Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Recent Renovation Photos 

Beautiful Holt Home back stair tower replica rebuilt!
Beautiful Holt Home back stair tower replica rebuilt!

 The beautiful replica of the back stair tower gives insight to master workmanship. And was completed before the 8th Annual Holt Home Community Day on September 24, 2016! This was made possible by the Save America’s Treasures Grant/ matched by mostly work of local volunteers!!!!


SAT grant restores back stair tower and back historic windows!!!

New Look for Holt Home!!!

Top of porch saved during renovation of back stair well

Save America's Treasures grant at work on the historic Holt Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Historic Holt Home fence restored and back on the grounds/ Grant from Brown- Forman, Inc.

 Restoration of Holt Home back side windows are occurring summer of 2016/ With funding from Save American's Treasures Grant matched with local volunteer time!!!!!!!!

Historic Holt Home fence provides the setting for the beautiful Holt grounds / Made possible through the Brown- Forman grant

Careful care is given to restoration of the back window frames of Holt Home / Save America's Treasures Grant

Close up of newly restored Historic Holt Home fence!/ Made possible by the Brown Forman Grant

Restoration of Holt Home back side windows are occurring summer of 2016 / With funding from Save American's Treasures Grant matched with local volunteer time!!!!!!!!


Save America's Treasures grant being used to rebuild Holt Home porch replica !!!!!!!
Holt Home rear porch is under renovation


A new floor for the rear porch will soon be poured.
The original floor consisted of broken bricks and handmade cement

Holt Home historic sidewalks uncovered & Historic Holt fence removed for renovation!

Joseph Holt’s home and legacy is returning
Renovation  has been completed on soffit/trim/crown/fascia replacement restored, dormers have been removed, repaired,  repainted and reinstalled!

Visitors can view the restored chimneys and lightening rod protection 

Wide view of new gutters and downspouts matching the style and installation method as used in the original

Observing the side view of the Holt Home visitors can see the roof of the single story kitchen addition and the main roof easier

Paul Joseph O’Donoghue from the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. on left, and Michael county worker on the right.

A new interpretative marker was placed at the Holt Home Family Cemetery on May 19, 2015.
The Holt Family Cemetery has been transferred to the Friends of the Holt Home Inc. from the Holt Trust.
The interpretative marker was made possible by  a grant.

Previous Renovation Photos

Holt Home Phase 1 renovation enlightening historical jewel!
The beautiful turnings are being renovated. And some reconstructed as they have been damaged over the past four decades the home sat silent.
Renovation is slow. However, guidance of the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Preservation Office helps the community do renovation the proper way.
The original color of the red brick can be seen on the Holt home.
An add on kitchen to Judge Holt's home will be restored as it is old enough to be historical.
The people will come once renovated!
After the trim work is completed the new roof will make this historical home in America reflect its personality of greatness !!!
Restoration is bringing back such a beauty!

Preparing for new roof and dormers in shop for restoration

Front dormers off (under renovation for remetaling and painting)

East view of Holt Home (Beginning of new roof) Back view of kitchen (80% of old tile cleaned and reused!)

With trim replaced and dormers completed from restoration the next step is the new roof!

Trim replacement / dormers being restored
Laying Roof Panels photo
Laying roof panels on Judge Holt's home!
Brick tuck pointing photo
Brick-tuck pointing done by Volunteer Joe Hobbs
Repainted wood dormers photo
Reworked and painted wood dormers on the back of the Holt Home

Holt HomeFront porch

Holt House historic marker

The windows of the house have been covered in plexiglass to keep the environment out.The wood of the house has been exposed to weathering.The wallpaper has slowly fallen from the walls. Samples have been saved for research into which was possibly the original wall paper.

Stair case


The banisters polish has slowly faded. However this has not effected the shape or luster of the spiraling staircase.The mantles have been removed from the fireplaces. Some are in storage and replicas will be made of some.The family graveyard brick work was recently restored.

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