Holt Home Hosts Indiana National Guard JAGS Onsite Training
March 5th, 2016

The Indiana National Guard JAGS (Judge Advocate Generals) held its Onsite Training in the Judge Joseph Holt Home March 5, the first new reuse for the historical home.

The Guards Onsite Training program consisted of a training session partly in Bloomington, Ind., because of heavy fog and then later at the Holt Home, arriving in three Blackhawk helicopters. Following an official welcome, a luncheon was given in honor for the 26 JAGS, including the Indiana Supreme Court Justice Stephen David. There was a short meeting in the classroom set up in the historic home for the JAGS, a tour given by Susan Dyer - President of the Friends of the Holt Home, and Interviews by area media.
 Media covered the landing of the three Blackhawk helicopters flying from the Guards 2002 South Holt Road location.
The home of Judge Holt, Abraham Lincolnís top legal adviser, is undergoing exterior renovation that will lead to complete restoration of the Italianate structure built around 1850. Holtís most memorable role as Lincolnís JAG occurred when he presided over the 1865 trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators.

Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. received a grant from the National Trust of Historic Preservation in 2015 for a site-use plan of what the Holt Home will become. The home will have local, state, and national re-uses. The non-profit organization is diligently working to make the Holt Home a national meeting place for Army JAGS across the nation.

The home and surrounding 19.5 acres, were acquired by the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court in 2008 through grants from the Kentucky Lincoln Bicentennial placed in the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Historic Preservation Office. The 6,225 square-foot mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic places and is undergoing extensive renovation. The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. coordinate fund-raising efforts and events for the property and work in a cooperative agreement with Breckinridge County government.

More information is available at www.jholt-houseky.org. and by calling 270-756-2269 or 270-756-2573. The home is located at 6205 Highway 144, Hardinsburg, Ky., 40143.

The Holt Home is located at 6205 Highway 144 in Hardinsburg.
 Additional information is available at www.jholt-houseky.org
or by calling 270-756-2269, 270-756-0268 or 270-756-2573.

JAGS Everywhere at the Holt Home!!!

Blackhawk helicopters returning for the JAGS!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!! History was made at the Judge Joseph Holt Home. Three Blackhawk helicopters landed from their journey beginning in Indianapolis, IN.

26 Judge Advocates and the Indiana Supreme Court Justice David attended the Onsite Training March 5, 2016!

The First New Use for the Historic Holt Home was by the Indiana National Guard JAGS

Rick Brown, Production Manager, Wave 3TV stayed all day to capture the history being made!!! Our thanks to Wave 3TV's Partnering for the Judge Joseph Holt Home!! The day's event was televised March 6, on the 11:00 p.m Wave 3TV News!

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Visit the www.jholt-houseky.org website and see how todayís historians, volunteers, and advocates are striving to make Judge Holtís home again ďThe showplace of Breckinridge County.Ē

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