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11th Annual Holt Home Community Day / History is Important!

The historic Holt Home is part of the portrait of America. The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. work diligently each year to bring history back as MG Joseph Holt might have entertained. The yearly family event on the fourth Saturday of September has become a tradition as the doors are open to the peopleís home! During the restoration the public has been invited year after year to be a part of the process.
Preservation is slow done the right way. As the next phase of restoration continues visitors who come on September 26, 2020 will see a remarkable change in Judge Holtís home, the only home in America today that tells the complete story of the Lincoln Conspiracy Trial where Holt presided. As you view pictures from the September 26, 2019 event you can just imagine how the Holtís lived, and learn of how Joseph Holt helped develop the Judge Advocate General Corps.
Much work has been done to gain and continue the partnering with the United States Army JAGS and other state partners. Support your local history where the Showplace of Breckinridge County is returning along with the home of one of the Army JAGSí heroes and our most famous son!


Photo credit to Judy Nottingham


The 14th Kentucky Light Artillery preparing to load.

OíDonoghue family preparing historic tree saplings for the day!

Guests arriving early.

Judge Maurice Lucas and Ed Ford of Richmond conversing.

Breckinridge County Vintage Baseball Club on Holt Field

Ladies dressed in the period.

COL Lance Turlington, Recruiting Commander of Fort Knox JAGS, Preparing for the presidential wreath-laying ceremony at MG Joseph Holtís monument with Kentucky State Senator Steve Meredith and Judge Lucas.

Sewing a flag and enjoying the Holt grounds.

Kentucky Artillery checking the authentic period cannon.

Susan Dyer, Author, organizing books; Lincolnís Advocate and most recent release Joseph Holt Mansion (with Many Jean Atchison from Frankfort and Sheila Wayne from Gallatin, TN.

Fun time!

Senator Steve Meredith, COL Lance Turlington and Judge Maurice Lucas organizing for the Presidential Wreath Laying at MG Holtís monument.

Children in period costumes enjoying the 11 Annual Holt Home Community Day.
Taking their positions by the 14th KY Artillery!

Early set up for camp and books.

Enjoyment under historic trees of Joseph Holt, some collected around the world!

Charlie Corbett, One of the Directors of the Friends & Susan B. Dyer, President of the Friends, enjoying the day!

Judge Kelly Easton, Portraying Joseph Holt capturing a moment in time at the yearly September event during restoration.

Berea Festival Dancers from Richmond taking fancy steps to the music.

Under the trees dancers perform as guests would have seen in the 1860ís!

President Lincoln caught in time!

Quite and peaceful before the busy day ahead.

Taking precision preparing the barrel.

Dancers dancing a closed position waltz.

Live Cannon firing!

President Lincoln, (Larry Elliott), warming up for the ceremonial first pitch from the President!!

One of two (west spiral) free standing staircase in the historic Judge Joseph Holt Home!

President (Larry Elliott) addressing the Berea Dancers.

KY Home Guard Band member sharing history of historical tunes.

Guilderoy Byrne Band performing traditional music.

Dance, delight in moment!

KY Home Guard Band playing on historical instruments.

West Spiral staircase

Patriotic wreath, appreciating country!

Vintage Baseball at Holt Field!

Guilderoy Byrne Band playing contemporary music

A base hit!

KY Home Guard Band at rest.

Celebrating the tradition of vintage baseball with team spirit on Holt Field!!!!!!!!!!!

Guilderoy Byrne Band approaching next number for the crowd.

A hard hit!

Visitors enjoying dressing in period.

Waiting for someone to strike up a tune.

Performers enjoying!!

Excitement in the game.

Practice makes performances special!

President Lincoln in serious conversation with guests.

Beginning the entrance for the Presidential wreathing laying ceremony at Holtís monument.

Dancers setting out a while on MG Joseph Holtís back porch.

KY 14TH light Artillery with Susan Dyer and Judge Maurice Lucas.

The band plays tribute to the nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Locals; Alison OíDonoghue Mattingly and Paul Joseph Oí Donoghue performing!!!!!

Susan Dyer, President of the Friends non-profit organization conversing with COL Lance Turlington who performed the Presidential Wreath-Laying Ceremony, that has been made a tradition by the Fort Knox Army JAGS, honoring one of their own with continued partnering.

Telling a story with music.

Simple wreath displaying honor!

Curt Fields, Portraying General Ulysses S. Grant, President Lincoln, and Charlie Corbett taking a serious pause at the Holt grounds.

The beautiful historic cannon fired throughout the day.

COL Lance Turlington, Staff Judge Advocate USARC of Fort Knox was the Keynote speaker September 28, 2019 who spoke on how MG Joseph Holt development the JAG Corps and how Joseph Holt helped save our country!!!!!!!!

Cleo Lee and David Hayes of the Breckinridge County Historical Society spoke with Charlie Corbett.

Judge Kelly Easton, portraying Judge Joseph Holt, talking with a visitor.

Dancing once again at Holt!!!!!!!

Ready to go!!!!!

Sewing by hand was done often before 1854.

MG Joseph Holtís Monument, the resting place of our most famous son Joseph Holt, President Abraham Lincolnís Advocate and TJAG!!!!!!!!

A nice time.

When players line Holt Field the crowd comes to enjoy!!!!!

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing!!

Boots of the period were buttoned or laced or both!

The distinguished B.C. H. S. Wind Ensemble and Chamber Singers performing songs Holt might have enjoyed.

Judge Maurice Lucas, Breck. Co. Judge Executive addressing the crowd.


President Lincoln is admired by guests!

Almost a lost art!

Business between Curt Fields (General Grant and Ed Ford), dressed for the occasion.

Baskets held numerous items of the era.

Portrait of partial restoration of roof, windows, dormers, lightening rods, chimneys, and original fence (by Brown-Forman grant) (Friends) before Phase 2 Restoration work of 2020.

Student Day with David Roach, fifth grade teacher of Hardinsburg Elementary, Susan B. Dyer, President of the Friends, and Breckinridge County Judge Executive Maurice Lucas.

View of historic Holt Home front porch iron works on September 28, 2019 before the beginning of the Transportation Enhancement Grant Phase 2.

View of beautifully restored trim, moldings, dormers, and windows with 1st $500,000 Transportation Enhancement grant.

Charlie Corbett, Friendsí Director pulling pen of the cannon while Susan Dyer shows excitement as she awaits her turn upon request!

Taking a moment from cannon time!

Susan Dyer, and General Ulysses S. Grant portrayed by Curt Fields giving honor to the man MG Joseph Holt whose legacy and career gave national prominence to the Army JAG Corps, and nation, and national importance to Holtís Kentucky Home, ( the only Army TJAGís home to be restored!)( Sheila Wayne viewing the ceremony in the Holt Family Cemetery.

Flags flying high at Holt, KY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precious things!!!!!!!

Basket in hand.

General Ulysses S. Grant portrayed by Curt Fields standing on the west spiral (free standing) staircase in MG Holtís home. General Grant was a friend and guest at Joseph Holtís parties in Washington City. (Source: Manuscript Reading Room, Letters of Joseph Holt.

Berea Dancers greeting visitors for tours.

Berea Festival Danvers in the foyer with the dayís program (before interior restoration) began in 2020.

Ladies dressed!!!!!!!!


President Lincoln, Gen. Grant will meet, greet at Holt Home 11th Annual Community Day

Photo Courtesy of the KY Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office

President Abraham Lincoln and Gen. U.S. Grant will be available to meet and greet those attending the 11th Annual Holt Home Community Day Sept. 28.

The President, portrayed by Larry Elliott, and Gen. Grant, portrayed by Curt Fields, have been heralded as amazing lookalikes and highly proficient authorities on two of the key figures in the U.S. Civil War. Theyíll headline a program thatís scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. CDT on the grounds of the historic Judge Joseph Holt home in Hardinsburg.

The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. cherishes its position by presenting the Holt Home Community Day where families and visitors of all ages are entertained in the period as Abraham Lincolnís Lawyer might have entertained. And are proud to coordinate fund raising efforts and events for the home of Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt. Holt, a Breckinridge County native, was appointed Judge Advocate General, in 1862 by President Lincoln. His 19th Century 14-room mansion will be open for public viewing.

In addition to the Lincoln and Grant portrayals, other Community Day highlights include a silent auction, a wreath-laying ceremony at Judge Holtís monument, period music by the Breckinridge County Concert Band and Chamber Singers, performances by the Berea Festival Dancers, Kentucky Home Guard Band and the Guilderroy Byrne Band. A Civil War baseball game will be conducted along with cannon firing by the 14th Kentucky Light Artillery unit.

Proceeds from the Silent Auction assist with costs for the Community Day, which is free and open to the public. Those wishing to contribute an item should contact the Breckinridge County Chamber (270-756-0268), the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court (270-756-2268), or the Friends of the Holt Home (270-756-2573).

Guided tours of the Holt Home will focus on continuing restoration projects for the 160-year-old mansion. Copies of the latest book concerning the homeís restoration also will be available. Author Susan Dyer will sign Joseph Holt Mansion: Saving and Restoring the Home of Lincolnís Judge Advocate General.

Judge Holtís most memorable role as judge advocate general occurred when he presided over the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. His 6,225-square-foot home with its Italianate architecture is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and sits on 19.5 acres owned by the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court.

The Holt Home is located at 6205 Highway 144 in Hardinsburg. More information is available at www.jholt-houseky.org or by calling 270-756-2269, 270-756-0268, or 270-756-2573.

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Partnering Helps get out the word of the work behind the Holt project! And the effort that continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Visit the www.jholt-houseky.org website and see how todayís historians, volunteers, and advocates are striving to make Judge Holtís home again ďThe showplace of Breckinridge County.Ē

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