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Rain failed to dampen activities at
th Annual Holt Home Community Day



     Rain failed  to dampen the enthusiasm of  those attending the 10th Annual Holt Home Community Day.

 Despite an all day drizzle, hundreds of visitors turned out Sept. 22 to tour the home and grounds of the Judge Joseph Holt estate. 

     President Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Larry Elliott, and Gen. and Mrs. U.S. Grant, portrayed by Curt and Lena Fields, greeted those in attendance.  With umbrellas in hand, the crowd purchased Susan Dyer’s new book, The Joseph Holt Mansion: Saving & Restoring the Home of Lincoln’s Judge Advocate General, as a lasting remembrance of the Holt Home project.

     Preservationist Stephen Collins, one of the key speakers, focused on the value and historical significance of the home and how it will bring economic development to the community, region and state.  And, Col. Andras M. Marton, representing  the Pentagon’s Judge Advocate General Office, stressed Judge Holt’s national importance and legacy to the nation and U.S. Army.

     Col. Marton also led the wreath-laying ceremony at the cemetery’s Holt Monument as the Breckinridge County High School Band played taps.

     The school band, the Guilderoy Byrne Band, Kentucky Home Guard Band, and the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers provided musical entertainment.  The Berea Festival Dancers performed period dances, cannon firing was provided throughout the day and the rain failed to halt a period baseball game.  The Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry provided an authentic military appearance.

     Modern Woodman provided a $2,500 matching grant to assist the Holt project and a new National Register plaque and additional cemetery plaques were unveiled.  Charlie Corbett of the Friends of the Holt Home spoke about research concerning Judge Holt’s brothers and sister who are not buried in the family plot.  Corbett also discussed anticipated work on the next phase of the mansion restoration.


Highlights from the 10th Annual Holt Home Community Day

September 22, 2018

President Lincoln portrayed by Larry Elliott. Visit http://larrylikelincoln.com

General Grant portrayed by Curt Fields. Visit https://generalgrantbyhimself.com

Photo Credit to Tender Loving Care Photography

Ed Ford, developed the idea of the vintage baseball game, suggested getting the Berea Festival Dancers and has assisted the Friends with numerous ideas for the Holt Home Community Day events, speaking with Miss Jaydyn Dyer.

Judge Kelly Easton, Master of Ceremonies portraying Judge Joseph Holt who donated the very nice podium for events at the historic Holt Home.

Berea Festival Dancers bringing dancing back to the Holt Home!

Opening Ceremonies to begin the 10th Annual Celebration!

Boy Scout Troop and Club Scout Pack #95

Beautiful period selections sung by the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers enhanced the crowd.

Chamber singers performing

Phil Jennings directing the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers (The Friends appreciate the partnering!)

General Ulysses S. Grant & Mrs. Grant posing with young fans!

Field Desk of General Ulysses S. Grant with Mrs. Grant by his side. Portrayed by Curt Fields and Lena Fields.

The 14th Light Artillery recently purchased a large Civil War cannon and Judge Maurice Lucas is at work firing!

Gordon Brandenburg explains and demonstrated the Civil War era cannon (a crowd favorite!)

The Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry greets visitors at the Civil War campsite.

A Berea Festival dancer taking in the day’s festivities.

Paul Joseph O’Donoghue and Alison Mattingly singing songs from Judge Holt’s era in the parlor

A re-enactor loading his gun.

Firing in precision (The Ninth Michigan)

Ninth Michigan (at arms.)

Firing of period guns occurred throughout the event.

General Grant & Mrs. Grant speaking with Friends’ President, Susan Dyer.

Breckinridge Concert Band directed by Ricky Dudgeon, (Friends of the Holt Home appreciate the partnering!)

Umbrellas and tents lined the grounds. However, the people came and enjoyed the living history alive.

Powerful patriotic music put the crowd in a spirited mood!

Sounds of music assembled throughout the grounds

11:00 a.m. Program Speakers Judge Kelly Easton, Master of Ceremonies, Key Speaker, COL Andras M. Marton, Representing the Office of the Judge Advocate General from the Pentagon, Susan B. Dyer, President of the Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. Breckinridge County Judge Executive Maurice Lucas, Key Speaker, Stephen L. Collins, Preservationist & Chairman of the Kentucky Heritage Council, and Nicole Konkol, Archaeology Transportation Review Coordinator KY Heritage Council.

 Respecting the playing of the National Anthem.

Breckinridge County Judge Maurice Lucas

Susan Dyer, recognizing individuals and families whom have donated beautiful pieces of furniture from the 1860’s to the historic Holt Home.

Nicole Konkol, KY Heritage Council reviewing archaeology work recently completed on the Holt grounds in 2018.

Charlie Corbett, one of he Directors who gave updates on the Holt family plaques and summarized the restoration work for the next phase on the Holt home project.

Stephen L. Collins spoke on what advantages the historic Holt Home will bring Breckinridge County with economic development and tourism.

COL Andras M. Marton,Representing the Office of the Judge Advocate General, who is the Strategic Planner for General Pede, The Judge Advocate General of the United States Army. Spoke about the importance of Brigadier General Joseph Holt and how his legacy is respected by the U.S. Army JAGS of today.


COL Andras M. Marton giving Friends President Susan B. Dyer a hug from the Colonel

NeilTindell retired Guidance Counselor from the Independent Cloverport Schools made a surprise presentation by presenting the gift of the newly discovered Joseph Holt Bible (in French.) Signed by Joseph Holt and found in the Cloverport United Methodist Church and will be on permanent loan to the Holt Home once restoration is completed.

Tindel (showing Holt’s signatures) & explaining how the signature was researched along with learning Joseph Holt was fluent in French.

Neil Tindel showing the wonderful Bible of Holt to the crowd.

The Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry leading the crowd to the Holt Family Cemetery.

Vestal Rogers Leads the Ninth with the stars and strips to honor Judge Joseph Holt, Holt’s legacy………. the reason for the celebration.

General Grant portrayed by Curt Fields from Tennessee awaits COL Andras M. Marton with preparing the laying of the wreath at Holt’s monument

President Abraham Lincoln portrayed by Larry Elliott, COL Andras M. Marton representing The Judge Advocate General from the Pentagon &General Ulysses S. Grant portrayed by Curt Fields giving honor to Breckinridge County’s most famous son, Joseph Holt.

President Lincoln, COL Marton and General Grant (giving honor.)

Salutes given to Brigadier General Joseph Holt.

Honor given as the crowd surrounds the Holt Family Cemetery (inside and out) for the presidential wreath-laying ceremony.

Paying respect in a quiet & appreciative manner to Joseph Holt who served our great nation and numerous Presidents in very distinguished positions!

Civil War Baseball Team for Holt!

And the game begins!

Hit after hit!

Holt Field is a favorite place to gather on the Holt Home Community Day.

Playing America’s pastime in the rain takes a very distinguished group of young men!

KY Home Guard Band played strong patriotic tunes that could be heard across the grounds.

The band plays on…….

Taking time for a picture with (history of how the Holt Project began.)

Jeff Nalley with Modern Woodman proudly presents a $2,500 matching grant to the Friends of the Holt Home.

President Lincoln, Susan Dyer, and General Grant

Berea Festival Dancers inside the historic Holt Home.

Period dancing was enjoyed by high school students making up the Berea Festival Dancers.

Visitors enjoyed watching the period Civil War dancers.

What fun, as the music and dancing resumed once again inside the Holt Mansion.

Authentic costumes brought dance Alive!

Guilderoy Byrne Band provided the beautiful tunes for the dancers!!!!!


The 10th Annual Holt Home Community Day

September 22, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
hot air balloon rides beginning at 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. weather permitting

Kentucky’s Last Official Lincoln Site Continues Restoration!

Explore the past as the last official Kentucky Lincoln site continues restoration.

If you come: You will walk through what appears to be a time lapse. A 14-room mansion being beautifully restored. Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt’s beloved home and grounds is filled with a full-scale day of events all in the period as Lincoln’s lawyer would have entertained. This Lincoln site is unique with the man behind the legacy buried on the grounds. And one of the few cemeteries in Kentucky giving honor to the Union.

Work continues with partnering from the United States Army to make the home a national meeting place for all the Army JAGS across the nation, along with new uses for regional, state and national. You may expect to see a home like this in Washington D.C. but not in Kentucky!

Visitors will be intrigued by the charm of this historical jewel. They will take in sights and sounds and leave with the strong history alive today with the most famous son of Breckinridge County in their hearts and minds.

Highlights of the event from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. CDT with no admission charged include a Civil War baseball game, dances by the Berea Festival Dancers, period bands and singing throughout the day, cannon firing, tours of the home, a majestic wreath-laying ceremony at the Holt monument by the United States Cadet Command and Fort Knox, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, The Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry and a host of Civil War re-enactors and campsites on the grounds, and distinguished speakers at 11:00. The local Breckinridge County Tiger Band and the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers performing along with Larry Elliott portraying President Abraham Lincoln.

New this year: Hot air balloon rides from 7 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. weather permitting, Curt Fields, nationally known will be portraying General Ulysses S. Grant, and local author Susan B. Dyer will be on site to sign her new book released by Acclaim Press, The New Jewel in Kentucky’s Civil War Crown.

Holt (1807-1894) served President James Buchanan as Postmaster General and Secretary of War at the beginning of the Civil War and was appointed Judge Advocate General by President Abraham Lincoln. His most memorable role as JAG came following the assassination of President Lincoln when Holt presided over the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, which included the first woman ever hanged by the federal government, Mary Surratt.

The home and surrounding 19.5 acres, now owned by Breckinridge County Fiscal Court, are expected to become major area attractions because of Holt’s significance in national history and politics. The 6,225 square foot structure, with its Italianate architecture, also is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. non-profit organization, coordinates fundraising efforts, writes grants, plans events for the home, has completed a site use plan of what the historic home will become upon completed restoration in progress. And efforts continue to make the Holt Home become a national meeting places for all the United States Army JAGS.

Celebration: Be a part of this unforgettable milestone with continued success of celebrating the acquisition, restoration progress, numerous grant awards, the partnering of four state agencies, and teaching the region what true preservation is, having patience, doing preservation the right way the first time, helping gain community support, state support and bringing national attention to the historic Holt Home.

The 10th Annual Holt Home Community Day, scheduled September 22, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (with hot air balloon rides beginning at 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. weather permitting.)

For more information visit www.jholt-houseky.org or call 270-756-2269, 270-756-0268 or 270 756-2573.

The Holt Home is located at 6205 Highway 144, Hardinsburg, KY 40143.


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Partnering Helps get out the word of the work behind the Holt project! And the effort that continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Visit the www.jholt-houseky.org website and see how today’s historians, volunteers, and advocates are striving to make Judge Holt’s home again “The showplace of Breckinridge County.”

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