2nd Annual Student Day at the Historic Judge Joseph Holt Home

September 20th, 2017

     Learning about President Abraham Lincoln and Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt was an enjoyable lesson for the fifth graders.

     Students across Breckinridge County and those from Cloverport Independent Schools were on hand Sept. 20 as they listened to presentations about the nationís 16th president and Judge Holt.  Larry Elliott portrayed Lincoln and provided details about his life.  Visual aids helped develop accounts about the Civil War and Holtís connection with it.

    Gifted students from Breckinridge County High School gave tours of the historic Holt Home with assistance from Veronica Ent and Susan Dyer of the Friends of the Holt Home.  Tour guides guided students and their teachers through the historic home as they shared stories about Holtís legacy, state partnering, and continued restoration on the last official Kentucky Lincoln site in the Commonwealth. 

     Schedules allowed some schools to tour the Holt Family Cemetery and enjoy lunch on the grounds.

     The Friends of the Holt Home continue to offer the opportunity for all fifth grade Breckinridge County students to encounter what life was like during the Civil War period.   As they explore the past at the historic Holt Home, they also learned about the annual Holt Home Community Day open to the public on the fourth Saturday of each September.

Hardinsburg Elementary School getting ready for a tour

B.C.H.S. Tour Guides gave highlights of the strong history of Holt and his home

Cloverport Independent School's 5th grade listened intently about history of the home

Students take time to pose with President Lincoln

Ben Johnson and Custer Elementary School at Student Day

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The Holt Home is located at 6205 Highway 144 in Hardinsburg.
 Additional information is available at www.jholt-houseky.org
or by calling 270-756-2269, 270-756-0268 or 270-756-2573.

Visit the www.jholt-houseky.org website and see how todayís historians, volunteers, and advocates are striving to make Judge Holtís home again ďThe showplace of Breckinridge County.Ē

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