8th Annual Holt Home Community Day, September 24th, 2016


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They came and saw how historic mansion becomes an educational, tourism anchor

It was a grand day at the Holt Home.
More than 3,000 visitors came Sept. 24 to explore the history of Joseph Holt’s legacy when he served President Abraham Lincoln as the top lawyer for the United States Army. 
They toured the antebellum mansion during the 8th Annual Holt Home Community Day, walked the beautiful grounds graced with trees and marveled at the renovation progress of the Hardinsburg structure. Smiles were a highlight of the day as visitors viewed the numerous improvements, such as the restored front and back windows. The beautiful replica of the back stair tower gave insight to master workmanship.
The crowd begin arriving early pointing out and admiring the restored Holt fence. Throughout the day, the grounds were filled with compliments and people, locally and from all across the state and beyond. Those who attended enjoyed eating on the new picnic tables, seeing the recently placed flagpole with “Old Glory” waving among the tree tops, and watching the Civil War baseball game, the first official Kentucky Lincoln site to host one.
Bands played, stirring the atmosphere with patriotic, traditional, and period music. Breckinridge County students took great pride in performing songs from the period and sharing Holt’s history and national significance. 
The echo of “Taps” at Holt’s monument was very moving at the wreath-laying ceremony performed by the U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox soldiers with Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Bagwell, the staff judge advocate. The Indiana National Guard Judge Advocate General (JAG) – COL Daniel Kozlowski - discussed the Onsite Training at the historic home in March and the importance of Joseph Holt’s legacy. Col. Kozlowski came to lend a hand supporting the Friends of the Holt Home to make Judge Holt’s dwelling become a national meeting place for Army JAGS across the nation. Judge Holt’s home holds a special place in the history of the JAG Corps.
Numerous speakers spoke briefly explaining the roles their stations contributed to the Community Day. Ninety-eight-year-old James Wimsatt was recognized and honored for his gift – the famous Holt print used for all events, promotions and programs. Tamara Langman, Louisville Actor’s Theatre Costume Shop coordinator spoke about the significance of history and costume connections. One of four state partners, the Kentucky Historical Society, provided the Kentucky History Mobile with the Civil War exhibit. Judge Tommy Turner, former Co-chair of the Kentucky Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, spoke about “The Legacy Project” of the Kentucky Lincoln Bicentennial, the acquisition grant that made possible the purchase of the home for the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court.
Craig Potts, executive director of the Kentucky Heritage Council, shared how partnership with the Holt Home, local partners and community support is shaping tourism, economic development and community pride across the state. Former State Representative Dwight D. Butler relayed the vision of saving the home, and how taking actions to protect and preserve our local community’s important history saves Kentucky’s rich heritage.
Keynote speaker, David L. Morgan, who was executive director at the Kentucky Heritage Council from 1984-2006, delivered heartwarming comments about preservation, the importance of protecting history and the numerous benefits it brings to local communities, the state and nation. 
The cannon firings, Civil War campsite, fragrance of food and the community pride event will long be remembered as the Friends of the Holt Home continue to take actions to protect, preserve and promote Breckinridge County’s historical jewel. 
Friends President Susan Dyer emphasized in the morning welcome, “the Holt Home is our compass, a link to our past and our gift to the future.” She asked visitors to keep updated at www.jholt-houseky.org as the Holt Home is being developed to become an educational and tourism anchor for South Central Kentucky.

Highlights from the 2016 8th Annual Holt Home Community Day

Photo Credit for the the photos on this page to Glen Arnold, Arnold Studios & More, Garfield, Ky.
Phone: 270-668-9886, Website: www.arnoldstudio.com    Facebook: www.facebook.com/arnold.photo.cakes

Maurice Lucas, Breckinridge County Judge Executive
Speaking about the improvements for the Holt Home and continued restoration!

Susan B. Dyer President, Friends of the Holt Home, and local author
“ Preservation at its Best” is when local people get involved, dream big, and work diligently changing attitudes, teaching preservation and the importance of saving our heritage telling Joseph Holt’s national significance with President Buchanan and President Lincoln.

Hardin County Circuit Judge Kelly Easton, Master of Ceremonies

Judge Kelly Easton, Honoring James L. Wimsatt , 98 year old who has given the gift of art, The famous Holt print to be used for all events, programs, and website for the Friends of the Holt Home and upcoming book of Susan Dyer.

 Tamara Langman, Actor’s Theater, Costume Shop Coordinator. Spoke about the importance of costumes with living history.

Julie Mario Kemper, Senior Curator, KY Historical Society, KY History Mobile. ( Kentucky Historical Society) is a state partner with the Judge Joseph Holt Home.

Alison O’Donoghue Mattingly, singing the National Anthem, Volunteer

Jonathan Bennett, Coach, Civil War Baseball Game, Inviting visitors to the period baseball game. Much work and preparation was done by the Vintage Baseball team, All Volunteers!!!!

Craig Potts, Exec. Director, KY Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office. Spoke of partnerships and strengths with local communities. Life time partner with the Judge Joseph Holt Home.

Judge Tommy Turner, La Rue County Judge Executive, Former Co. Chair KY Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and on the National Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.Spoke about the KY Lincoln Bicentennial Commission making Holt Home a “ Legacy Project” of the KY Lincoln Bicentennial.

Isaac Myers, Field Representative for Governor Matt Bevin. Addressed visitors that the Governor’s office would assist.

Dwight D. Butler, Former Kentucky State Representative, The first local elected official to assist with bringing attention to the historic Holt Home.
Diligently encourages, “ Only positive work brings good results!”

Susan Dyer, Introducing COL Daniel Kozlowski, Staff Judge Advocate, Indiana National Guard JAGS as the Friends continue working to make the Holt Home become a National meeting place for all the Army JAGS across America. And Introducing David L. Morgan, Key-note speaker, mentor, friend, and resource for the historic Holt Home.

Daniel Kozlowski, Staff Judge Advocate Indiana National Guard JAGS. Spoke about the On Site Training on March 5, 2016 at Judge Holt’s home. And how important Joseph Holt is to American History and the United States Army.

David L. Morgan, Key-note speaker, Preservation Advocate for the Holt Home and Kentucky!
David continues to be a Resource Agent for the Holt Home since his retirement as Executive Director at the KY Heritage Council in 2006.

Boy Scott Troop #95 Presenting and Posting of Colors

Presentation of the National Anthem, Boy Scott Troop #95

Kathy Tabor and the Breckinridge Co. Chamber Singers/ Singing period music

Solo/ Breckinridge Co. Chamber Singers

Kathy Tabor, Directing Breckinridge County Chamber Singers

Visitors came to enjoy the singing and being a part of seeing step by step how the last official KY Lincoln site in the Commonwealth is restored.

The record crowd continued throughout the day!

Breckinridge County Chamber Singers/ Partnering their talents with the Friends of the Holt Home.

KY Home Guard Band played patriotic music before speakers were welcomed.

Susan Dyer and Tamara Langman take a moment enjoying history being made at the historic Holt Home.

Blake Bennett with his mother, Lori Bennett

 A proud member of the Breckinridge County Chamber Singers

Troop 95 in action!

Assistant Scoutmaster Wayne Denner and his wife Stephanie Denner

Ted Guillaum, European Organ Grinder( Beloved by all visitors, and a crowd favorite!)

Chamber Singers making music!!!!!

 Blake Bennett and Ted Guillaum join forces for a welcoming song!

Breckinridge County Vintage Baseball team

A loyal member of the Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry

Campsite of the Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry as would appeared doing the Civil War

14th Kentucky Light Artillery preparing the cannon.

Through the day the 14th Light Artillery fired the historic Civil War cannon, enjoyed by visitors.

The Breckinridge County Vintage Baseball team preparing to eat lunch.

Members of the Breckinridge County Vintage Baseball Team ( the first official KY Lincoln site to host a game!)

Judge Kelly Easton, Portraying Judge Joseph Holt as he threw out the first pitch in Holt Field to begin the game.

And the pitch was successful for Judge Joseph Holt, portrayed by Judge Kelly Easton.

What a game it was!!!!!!

Reaching high for the ball!

A mini section of the large crowd.

The baseball game is special at Judge Holt’s home!!!!

Baseball enjoyed!!!!!!

 KY Home Guard Band, Preparing for the “ Taps” echo honoring Breckinridge County’s most famous citizen.

Lieutenant COL Jimmy Bagwell, Staff Judge Advocate, United States Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox and
MSG Jerome D. Klein, Chief Paralegal NCO United States Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox

Staff Judge Advocate, United States Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, Partnering, honoring one of their own.

 Salutes given to Brigadier General Joseph Holt “Lincoln’s Lawyer” and Judge Advocate General.

Honoring the legacy of Judge Joseph Holt

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