7th Annual Holt Home Community Day was Breath Taking!

$500,000 Transportation Grant 

      The largest crowd on record – 2,000 individuals -  attended the 7th Annual Holt Home Community Day Sept. 26, 2015.

          Keynote speaker Dr. Elizabeth Leonard was well received as were other program participants.  The first-ever Civil War Baseball game played at an official Kentucky Lincoln site was a big hit, bringing out first-time visitors to the Holt Home.  Period music enhanced public tours of the home and views of the exterior renovation.

          Among the highlights was receipt of a Transportation Enhancement grant for $500,000 from Kentucky and Gov. Steve Beshear.  The historic home also was awarded $199,000 in tax credits from the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office, lifetime partners of the Judge Joseph Holt Home. 

          Representatives from “Kentucky Living” magazine were present and plans were made for a story of the event  in 2016!

          The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc., announced receipt of a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation for a site-use plan for the historic home. One of the anticipated uses is for the Holt Home to become a national meeting location for the Army Judge Advocates. 

          The Friends’ non-profit organization received a print of General Orders No. 100, the second Regimental Print for the Judge Advocate General’s Corp.  The print concerns Joseph Holt, President Lincoln, and the Lieber Code - an early attempt to regulate conduct of hostilities on the battlefield.  The gift was provided by Col. Ed Bowen, Judge Advocate at Fort Knox.

Next year’s 8th Annual Holt Home Community Day is being planned for Sept. 24.

Highlights from the 2015 7th Annual Holt Home Community Day.

Photos from the Event                          Civil War Era Baseball at the Holt Home

Photo Credit for the the photos on this page to Glen Arnold, Arnold Studios & More, Garfield, Ky.
Phone: 270-668-9886, Website: www.arnoldstudio.com    Facebook: www.facebook.com/arnold.photo.cakes

The Judge Joseph Holt Home awaits visitors viewing restored 1st and 2nd floor windows and other improvements!

 Mr. and Mrs. Vestal Rogers, Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry

WXBC/ Lee Bramlett and Susan Dyer/ sharing  features of the day’s event!

Breckinridge County Chamber Singers

Master of Ceremonies, Hardin Co. Circuit Judge Kelly M. Easton

Breckinridge County Judge Exec. Maurice Lucas

Susan B. Dyer, President, Friends of the Holt Home, Inc.

Boy Scout Troop # 95

Picture story of Beginning Project

Breckinridge Co. Music Teacher, Kathy Tabor, playing keyboard and directing the Chamber Singers.

Inside Holt Home, Breckinridge County Chamber Singers performing

Awaiting visitors

Gifts to the Holt Home, some original items coming home!

Blue wall paper from France remains,  wall coverings to be categorized

Spiral stair case ( East wing)

 Spiral stair case ( West wing)  Unique for Kentucky  to have two spiral cases.

Alison O’ Donoghue Mattingly, and Paul Joseph O’Donoghue, performing period music.

Renovation for Holt Home in 2015 captured through pictures and articles!

Bob Bell, from the 12th Regimental Colored Heavy Artillery, Camp Nelson,  KY & Gordon Brandenburg  with the14th Kentucky Light Artillery

14th Kentucky Light Artillery

14th Kentucky  Light Artillery cannon firing throughout the day!

Back side ( Restored kitchen roof, dormers, trim, and guttering)

President and Mary Todd portrayed by Larry Elliott and Mary Elliott

The Lincoln’s guest of the Holt Home

 Ted Guillaum, European Organ Grinder/ entertained crowd for the Civil War Baseball game

  The President and First Lady visiting the Ninth Michigan Volunteer Infantry with Bob Bell

Joseph Holt, Lincoln’s Advocate portrayed by Judge Kelly Easton posing with President & Mrs. Lincoln

113th Army Band Brass Quintet “ Dragoon Brass”  playing patriotic music

KY Home Guard Brass Band

Breckinridge County Chamber station, Executive Director, Veronica Ent

Jonathan Bennett, Coach of the Civil War Baseball game

The President with the Holt Home Tour guides

Pictured……….Kentucky State Representative Dean Schamore, Susan Dyer, President, Friends of the Holt Home , Inc. Maurice Lucas, Breckinridge County Judge Executive, and  Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Steve Beshear, Shannon Tivitt.  A $500,000 Transportation Enhancement Grant for Phase II continues for the Holt Home renovation.  Thanks to Kentucky and Governor Steve Beshear.


Bob Bell speaking about how Judge Joseph Holt helped former slaves to become Union soldiers which also freed their families.

A crowd favorite is to be photographed with the Lincolns!

Veronica Ent with the Lincolns, Breckinridge County Exec. .Director of the Chamber.

Sherry Stith, Secretary/Treasurer, Friends of The Holt Home, Inc.

Jonathan Bennett, Coach for the Civil War Baseball game.

 Lindy Casebier, Deputy Secretary of Kentucky Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet spoke about the vision for the home

Craig Potts, Executive Director of the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office.  The Holt Home received $199,000 in tax credits from the Kentucky Heritage Council/ State Preservation Office at the Holt Home Community Day, 2015  

Kentucky State Representative, Dean Schamore, House District 10

Susan B. Dyer, President , Friends of the Holt Home, Inc.

COL E. Edmond  Bowen, JR Staff Judge Advocate

Key-note Speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Leonard, Professor of History, Colby College

Speakers for the event

Line up of the first ever Civil War Baseball game at an official Kentucky Lincoln site.

Lincoln throws out the first pitch

Lincoln engaged in the game!

Holt Field

Greg "Preacher" Shannon is ready to pitch for the White Team!

The Breckinridge County Vintage Base Ball Club is ready to take the field!

Cody "Rooster" Pile talks with some of the "cranks" (aka fans/spectators).

The Maroon Team is ready to bat!

Dalton "Ol' Dad" Payne plays "behind" (aka catcher) for the White Team!

Civil War Era Baseball Game played at the 7th Annual Community Day


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