6th Annual Holt Home Community Day
September 27th, 2014 

6th Annual Holt Home Community Day, Sept. 27th, 2014

Photography by Willie Powell

6th Annual Holt Home Community Day

  Breck. Co. Cattleman's Association cooking

Removal of (not original room to house)

9th Michigan Volunteer Infantry

Crowd on 4th Saturday every September

This is My Old Kentucky Home, the only home in America that remains of Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt.

"A Love of Place"

"KY Home Guard Band" - Playing period music on the beautiful grounds

President Abraham Lincoln & Mary Todd / portrayed by Larry & Mary Elliott / On the grounds of the historic Judge Joseph Holt Home. Come have your picture made with the Lincoln's!

Royalty at the Holt Home

Holt was "Lincoln's Advocate"

Judge Holt portrayed by Judge Kelly Easton (Master of Ceremonies)

Bob Bell, 12 Regimental Colored Heavy Artillery

Kate Sowada, KY History Mobile Coordinator sharing about exhibits on site.
 Kentucky Historical Society state partner of the Judge Joseph Home

Jon Rollins with GRW architects, Phase 1 Restoration of the Judge Joseph Holt Home

Craig Potts, Exec. Director and Preservation Officer of the KY Heritage Council / State Preservation Office, lifetime partners with the Judge Joseph Holt Home

Susan B. Dyer President, Friends of the Holt Home, Inc. spearheader & author / waiting to honor Brown-Foreman for the Friends, non-profit organization winning a $20,000 grant for preservation.

Breckinridge County Judge Executive Maurice Lucas expressing the success on renovation of Judge Holt's home and the positive work that continues for the rural community of Breckinridge County

9th Michigan Volunteer Infantry assisting with the wreath-laying ceremony at Judge Holt's grave

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